Refund policy

Eynesbury Eagles Football and Netball Club understands the nature participation in sport. This Policy centres around the process for applying and receiving registration fee refunds when players leave the club during the playing year for whatever reason. EEFNC is required to pay a per registration fee to Gameday or Victorian Netball Association irrespective of any game being played. Players leaving after the season has started can have an impact on team viability which leaves EEFNC at risk of League fines etc. 

Whilst we make every effort to find the right team for each player, there are times when this doesn’t happen and de-registration is requested. As a club, we incur many costs at various stages throughout the season, and our refund policy takes these into account.

Costs are also incurred with players gifts that are ordered before the season commences. If any refund is approved, these costs will be taken into account.

EEFNC is required to pay a per registration fee to Gameday/VNA for using the registration software required by AFL Vic/VNA.

Refunds will be at the absolute discretion of the Committee. The Committee will examine all the circumstances as per examples below for the withdrawl and determine the appropriate refund.

Our refund policy is as follows:

Whatever stage the player leaves EEFNC the process for applying for a refund is the same. An email is required to be sent to the Treasurer indicating the reason for withdrawal (transfer etc) with EFT details attached (BSB / Account etc). No cash refunds will be processed. Refunds and Transfers will only be processed once all EEFN club property is returned (eg. Dresses and Jersey’s)

  • If we have been unable to place you into a team, we will refund 100% of your registration fee.
  • If you de-register before the first game we will refund you 50% of your registration fee.
  • If you de-register after the 1st game, we are unable to offer a refund.